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Holiday Shop

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Family Dance

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Garden Program - Elyse Stubbins

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5th Grade Party

President - Shelly Huss

VP Membership - Briana Harris

VP Fundraising - LeeAnne Hudson

VP Programs - Damaris Combs

Treasurer - Krystal Cox

Secretary - Heather DeWitt

Parliamentarian - Lanna Bell

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(Executive Board)

Our team works tirelessly developing programs that result in meaningful change. And that change is what leads step by step into a brighter future.



(Executive Board)

The Power to Effect Change

To develop our programs, we identified the key areas where there’s the most need. Our programs rely on active participation from our partners, supporters.

Our Work


Box Tops - Trista Rawlins

Communications - Amanda Norris

Restaurant Night - Anna Marie Kansier

Room Parent Coordinator - Shelbie Raines

Staff Appreciation - Melissa Ankeney

Teacher Liaison - Donna Lewis

Volunteer Coordinator - Anna Marie Kansier

Watch DOGS - Josh Norris

Website - Sara Straka